Utah Dog Training Commands

I can't count how many times I have either had a client come to our facility or going into their home and hear them yelling at their dog to comply with a command. Normally it is for them to come. It always starts by them saying Bailey come, Bailey come BAILEY COME HERE RIGHT NOW!! They think that they must get louder and louder for the dog to comply. In our dog training method we never yell and we never have to get mad. We assure that the dog understands what we are asking of him. You have to remember that our dogs don't understand English. If we taught your dog to put his butt on the ground (sit) and used the word banana. He would sit every time we said banana.

When you are reviewing different dog training programs be sure that the dog training program doesn't include you being too hard and disrespectful of your dog. With our dog training program you will never have to yell at your dog. The principals that we have defined in our dog training program will allow you to be able to use your normal voice to have your dog comply with your requests.

If you want to stop yelling or raising your voice at your dog, give us a call and we'll come and show you how to teach your dog how to understand you.

Please read our testimonials from what other clients have said about us. Also check out the video section of the site and you can see our work in action.

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